About Us

We are a brand new Irish owned company looking to fill your needs, because let’s be honest who does not love new PJ’s.

Each month you will receive a box with PJ’s depending on the season, with surprises each month. We have a huge range of different cosy treats not every month has to be Pj's.

Comfort is key and that’s what we are going to be delivering to you in your Blu’s PJ’s Box!


How It Works

It’s Really Simple

  1. Choose if you want to subscribe or buy a one-off box.

  2. If you subscribe payment is taken on the 1st of every month and you will receive your box on the 3rd week of every month likewise your one-off boxes will be at this time too so, while you’re feeling down waiting for pay day this will beat the Blu’s.

  3. Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for competitions, promotions, monthly surprises, poll’s and to share your Blu Box’s!


Our Subscription Plans

We have something for everyone, from babies right up to adults! 

Just select below and it'll bring you to the correct page to get your subscription started :)

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